........lobbyist for Americans
The National Association of Americans
Devoted to the American Citizens of the United States.

As we engage in this battle, let’s be absolutely clear on one thing....
this is not a battle of Republican vs Democrat.

  It is really a battle of right vs wrong, of good
vs evil, of liberty vs tyranny.
And we will prevail, because.....We Are Americans.

      The NAA will be the lobbyist for Americans.

               Do you think Congress really represents you... think again !
They will represent "anyone" who can donate to their (ever pressing) re-election committees.

Q... Why do Corporations and Special Interest use "Lobbyists" to influence Congress ?

A... Because it works !

Corporations and Special Interest give "money" to "K" Street Lobbyists to spread around to Congressmen and women disguised as "Campaign Contributions".

Q... Can individual Americans use "Lobbyists" to influence Congress ?

A... Absolutely! 

The NAA believes The Constitution is the greatest document ever devised by man for the governance of man.

The National Association of Americans
(the NAA) was created to Protect Your Interests, and to offer an alternative perspective on how to best solve the political problems citizens face today.

Of The People, By The People, And For The People.....
The NAA Copyright © 2013
Americans we need to Join Forces.

We are the National Association for Americans. And we need your help to grow.

The NAA is revolutionizing the way Americans make their voices heard in Washington. We are unlike any other presence in this market because our entire focus is on giving our membership a way to reach congressmen with their issues, revolutionizing the way politics is done, and recruiting and mobilizing Americans. It's not about the number of fans or even our name—it's about our nation and the future of America as we know it.

Together we can be very powerful.
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The NAA will change the way Washington does business
and the establishment isn't going to like it.

   Through the power of a Nationwide membership, we will putt pressure on Congressmen to either stand with us or get out of the way.

   We are determined to raise a social media army of millions.

    We are Americans who are united in purpose.

The NAA will rally Americans across the country to make their voices heard on issues that matter most—issues that affect you and your family's future..

          How can Americans have an effective voice in Congress ?

It's not that hard. Take the time to digest the NAA website. You will see that there is a lot that has to be done and it won't happen over night. Your part of NAA development only requires that you do the following:

First...sign up for the NAA newsletter to keep up with the major developments.

Second... Make sure all your contacts are at least exposed to the NAA concept. And ask your contacts to do the same.

Third... if you can make a donation (any amount your comfortable with) please do. All contributors will receive a "free"
lifetime membership and you will be listed as "Founding Member".

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           We The People !
We have all heard fellow Americans say: " I'm only one vote"  what can I do? When we come togther as a group your vote will be heard.There is power in numbers. The more members we have the more Congress will listen to us.